‘Azusa Street’ -A Local Report

A group of young people from my home church (Vineyard CC-Laguna Niguel, CA) attended the Azusa Street Centennial. They gave a report on Sunday (April 30)Â that the ‘Azusa Street’ is alive and well, and still going. They joined thousands who filled the LA Sports Arena for a special Youth service on Saturday (April 29). The service was attended by kids of every race, coming from thousands of different locations, and representing hundreds of diverse denominations & Churches.

Before entering the Arena, they prayed for a young person on crutches, who was able to carry them in unneeded. At a break time during that day, our young folks report that Revival broke out at a ‘Starbucks’, as they prayed for those waiting in line for coffee. This of coarse, is just one local report that demonstrates that ‘Azusa Street’ continues today-still going strong after 100 years.

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2 Responses to ‘Azusa Street’ -A Local Report

  1. I have wanted to comment on this for a couple months now. I got so excited when I read this. First because I love when God breaks out in public, and second, I love it when youth “do the stuff” Jesus did. (thats how you vineyard people say it, right?

  2. Right On! Thanks Carl for your help getting my comment line going. This is my first comment and you have no idea how you have made my day! *Note: the youth our church have gone way beyond most of us older folk.


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