“END TIMES SIMPLIFIED: Preparing Your Heart for The Coming Storm”

By David Sliker (Kansas City, MO: Forerunner Publishing, 2005, 144 pgs.)

This book takes a different tack, a refreshing presentation. The author does not worry about defining the work vis-a-vis any particular eschatological category, nor does he use any of the well-worn scenarios that typify this genre. He leaves that to the reader. The book merely looks forward to the Coming of Jesus, and presents the scriptures which pertain to the events leading up to the Second Coming.

Eschatology is a hobby for me, over the years I have read several hundred books that look at the subject. You ask–is it Amill., Premill., Postmill., Pretrib., Midtrib., Postrib.–which is it? I could offer an opinion, but that would do a disservice to the author. In the Prologue, the author states that he is concerned that ‘pre-conceived notions’ in this area of study, make it difficult for the Holy Spirit to assist us in understanding what the Bible really says about the End-Times and the Second Coming of Christ.

This book will give you a good look at the events and Bible references, without all the usual trappings. I highly recommend it as a fresh look at this important era before us. And guess What! God & his people win in the end, in-between, and all the way through. Satan and his cohorts are going down! Here the Church is portrayed as the ‘overcoming victorious Bride of Christ’.

The book is available through: Forerunner Bookstore


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3 Responses to “END TIMES SIMPLIFIED: Preparing Your Heart for The Coming Storm”

  1. Dear Mike,

    As to the unfolding prophetic revelation found in Daniel and Revelation concerning the last ‘seven’ year period of the 70 ‘sevens’ or weeks of sabbath years prophecy in accordance with what is written in the prophecy of Moses:

    There will be a time of war on the Saints of God Most High for 3 1/2 years or 42 months or 1260 days plus a 30-75 day period when the Abomination that causes the Desolation Decrees of the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments to be poured out upon the followers of the false prophet world leader. After, or during, this period of 30-75 days the ‘raptura’ event will take place in accordance with what is written in the Gospel of Matthew concerning one taken the other left.

    The two witnesses will prophecy for a period of 3 1/2 years or 42 months or 1260 days at Jerusalem as written and the nations of the gentiles headed by 10 worldwide leaders who arise during this period will trample the Holy City of Jerusalem. Anyone who attempts to oppose them will be destroyed by fire proceeding forth from their mouths as written. They will prophecy many plagues and disasters worldwide as written.

    The 144,000 chosen FirstFruits to God will be among the earth to Testify The Gospel and to protect The Holy People for 3 1/2 years or 42 months or 1260 days as written regarding the Woman and the dragon. After this period of feeding and protection, The Holy People must flee Judea after the two witnesses are killed and lying dead in the streets for 3 1/2 days as written. For ‘wherever there is a dead body there the vultures will gather’ as written. The people on earth will be celebrating ‘christmas’ in the giving of gifts to each other until they arise from the dead and ascend to Heaven in a cloud in front of the whole world as written. The City Jerusalem will suffer a severe earthquake and be split as written.

    Then the period of the Abomination that causes The Desolation Decrees to be issued as written in Daniel and Revelation will commence. This period will complete the fulfillment of the number of the Martyrs that were to be added until the full number of them was reached as written in The Gospel concerning from the blood of Righteous Abel and the fifth seal of the unfolding Revelation Prophecy Given to The Son of Man to Prophecy concerning earth.

    The Martyrs who die for their Testimony to Jesus will be counted among those who will arise from the dead in the first resurrection as written and will be chosen to be Reign as Priests to God and joint rulers along with Christ for one thousand years. Some of these will be chosen in accordance with The Word Spoke through Isaiah The Prophet of God to have thrones to Judge the nations during this time period of Jesus’ Reign on earth.

    Then, the false prophet and the dragon will be released once again, after the one thousand years is completed as written, and the peoples of the nations on earth will be deceived into Armageddon as written.

    Then will come The Great White Throne Judgment Seat of The Most High as The Lamb that was slain as written. All people will be Judged according to what they have done as written. Thrones and Witnesses will be called to testify in accordance with The Word Spoken by Jesus where the Queen of Sheba will arise to condemn those who refused to believe when all of the sign were present at The Testimony of Jesus’ Ministry on earth. Therefore, Jesus may call anyone to Testify in His Court as written.

  2. Actually, comments on this post should be limited to a response to the book listed or the review given.

    Also as to your statement:
    “After, or during, this period of 30-75 days the ‘raptura’ event will take place in accordance with what is written in the Gospel of Matthew concerning one taken the other left.”

    —this may or may not be correct—the timing of the rapture is a point of disagreement among Bible scholars.

  3. Greetings Mike,

    Sorry for the misplacement on your blog! Thank you for your kind response. I hope that all goes well with you and your people as you journey through this world. May The God Most Gracious and Kind be with you and carry forward the Good Work that He began unto completion at The Day of Judgment.

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