Principalities & Powers Vs. Bush & USA: Prayers Needed!

Several intercessor/prophetic ministers are calling for prayers for Pres. Bush and the USA, some cite strong opposition from certain evil Principalities, with major battles going on in the spirit realm. Chuck Pierce is quoted as saying that he believes that it is connected with the war in Iraq, that “the spirit of Babylon is slapping us around” causing confusion and disorder in the church, in the Bush Admin., and in the country. I believe that other Principalities- those over Iran, Islam, and Europe may have joined ‘Babylon’ in the battle. Actually, many have been praying about this since June 1, 2006 and even before.

Lou Engle has put out an ’emergency’ call for prayer for Pres. Bush, concerning the last half of his second term. He cites a vision by Bob Jones:

Bob Jones received a vision in 1999, that the “Burning Bush” would come out of Texas, and in the second half of his second term, if the church would pray, he would do much to end abortion, restrain homosexual marriage, and bring prayer back to the schools in America. We believe that we are in a decisive moment of the fulfilling of that dream/vision right now. The favor of President George Bush is at the lowest point ever at this moment. Maybe not with God, but in the view of the American people. We just met with a U.S. Senator, who confirms to us, that almost everything positive seems to be retained and held back on Capitol Hill right now.

The 2006 elections may hinge on the perspective that the people of America hold for President George Bush. And the results of the 2006 elections, may either help or hinder President George Bush from fulfilling God’s intention for his presidency. Wherever I go, I can feel the attitude of resignation, criticism, and despair, but the second half of George Bush’s second term, is not yet here. The question is, will the church give up and yield to opinion polls, criticism, and acquiescence, or will the church pray according to the vision, and believe the prophets and succeed? Bob Jones’ word was, “…if the church would pray….” Read: Lou Engle’s entire message.

Dutch Sheets also felt impressed and inspired to put out a special call for prayer on June 1, 2006. He likens the present situation to ‘The Battle of the Bulge’ in WWII, He also refers to several interesting dreams and experiences that others have had concerning Pres. Bush and the Church in America. He believes that it is important for the Church to Pray, pray, pray–pray for Pres. Bush, pray against terrorism, and pray for the spiritual condition of America. I would add–pray for true revival to sweep through our land. I am hoping for it to begin in California. Several years ago I had a open vision where I saw revival hit the west coast like a tidal wave and continue East, all the way across America & Canada, and then it swept across the Atlantic to the UK and Europe. That’s what I’m hoping and praying for–come Holy Spirit–bring revival. Amen.


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