A Divine Appointment For Healing-A Personal Testimony

As I went out my front door Monday morning headed for work, I was discouraged and conflicted. I was thinking, “I should have gone to church yesterday and got prayer, I don’t feel any better and yet here I am going to work”. I had been sick for 2 1/2 weeks with pneumonia, gone to the doctor twice and the medicine didn’t seem to be helping. I was really weak, kept on trying to work, crashed and did nothing on the weekends, missed church two weeks in a row. Yet, here I was going out the door headed for work.

I looked up, as I was almost to my van parked on the street, and I could not believe my eyes! Here right in front of me was a couple taking their morning walk. Not just any couple, but a couple who are in charge of one of the ‘healing rooms’ at our church. I had no idea that they lived close by. I immediately blurted out “could you pray for me?” They looked up with a confused look on their faces at first. After five minutes or so of prayer in the street, I went on my way to work praising God and convinced that I was healed.

Ten minutes down the road I started feeling a whole lot worse. I was hacking, coughing, and wheezing up big globs of stuff, getting weaker by the second, and I couldn’t stop coughing. Disappointedly I remarked, “Lord, I thought you would heal me!”. Then came a clear word into my mind: “Yes, but I have to clear out your lungs first”. After that, I cooperated with the hacking and praised God in the midst of it. I started gaining strength in the afternoon, in the midst of working a very full and strenuous day. In the evening I was nearly back to normal, and by the next morning it was finally behind me. Praise God.


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6 Responses to A Divine Appointment For Healing-A Personal Testimony

  1. Wow! That is so awesome! Praise God! Thanks for posting this.

    Was this last monday or are you posting this by faith? 😉

  2. Carl-
    This happened last monday August 7, 2006 @ 7:30 am PDT.
    I was totally back to normal by Tuesday am, and still going strong. Praise God.


  3. Well halleuijah!

  4. Hallejuah! Praise JESUS CHRIST! God is good! We just need to be on top of things from the get go as believers ya know? Of course there is divine appointments, and there is Gods timing. But that doesn’t mean that Christ doesn’t always want us to press into him, meaning I believe you could of been healed from the begining of the attack. Praise JESUS!

  5. BBoy N.Roc-

    Good point! Probably so! Isn’t it great when the Lord bails us out even when we don’t respond the best way. I am sure thankful that Jesus is still trying to show me a better way. Thanks BBBOy, I’m taking your comment as a Word.

  6. Dad I was also praying for you! I’m glad that someone is watching over you when I’m not home.
    Love You!

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