Crossing Over

I just spent an incredible weekend at Forest Home Christian Camp with 120 men from my home church (Vineyard CC-Laguna Niguel), what a blessing; but also what a life changing event. The subject for the weekend was “crossings”–the main text was taken from Numbers 13 and 14. I believe that the subject of crossing over into ‘the promise land’ is one of the prevailing themes that the Holy Spirit is bringing to the church today.

Everyone involved in some sort of ministry that I personally know of, is feeling the call of God on their lives in a new way. That is, everyone I know in ministry feels like they are at some kind of ‘crossing’ or crossroads in their life and ministry–Everyone! I must emphasize this–everyone!! I cannot tell you or even count the number of my friends and brothers in the ministry who have asked for prayer lately, as they sort through the guidance that they have received from the Lord. It seems like everyone is facing a number of choices and open doors before them. It is time to get deep upon deep into our relationship with the Lord. It is time for faith rather than comfort to prevail in our lives. Something is up folks, something new is dawning. I believe that the Lord is calling us to participate in a new way, and there are choices to be made. I like the heart of Joshua when it came time for choices: “as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord”.


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