Declaring a New Move of Holiness

This prophetic message was recently given by Cindy Jacobs:

“I desire a royal road for My glory across the earth. A way for My holiness, power and anointing to pour out. It is time for a new holiness move. This new move will not be like the last one, but it will flow with new wine and miracles.

This is a time of uprooting of the ancient things in My cities that have stopped My glory and power from manifesting. Uproot corruption, pornography, abortion, homosexuality, terrorism, violence and any other thing that opposes My will.

Declare a siege against wickedness, and those things in society that war against holiness. It is time for purity sieges. I am coming with the fire of My holiness like in the Cane Ridge Revival in Kentucky, and the days of George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards. The fear of the Lord will fall as never before as I release My anointing in signs and wonders.

Prepare the way through fasting and prayer. Build up the highway, take out the stones, and pray for the sick. Lift My name up as a banner across the face of the earth and I will come with sweeping moves of My power.

The enemy has come down with great wrath, but I, the Lion of Judah, am beginning to roar throughout the face of the earth with the sound of righteousness and justice: justice for the unborn; justice for the poor; justice for the widows. Build a Highway of Holiness and name it Justice,” says the Lord.

Cindy jacobs is co-founder of Generals International, a ministry that trains believers in prayer and spiritual warfare, based in Red Oak, Texas.

Received from: Charisma Online -Streams of Revival, October 24, 2006


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