Update: Prayers for North Korea and a New Revival

This is actually a far larger story than the article in my previous post indicates. While I was working today, I ran into a fellow sales rep. who is a Korean-American Brother. I told him that I had read about the 1907 Revival in Pyongyang. He explained to me that it was the capital city of Korea at the time and a jumping off point for missionaries traveling to northern China. He said that Korean Christians in the South and in America look to that event as the beginning of the Church in their country.

Then he told me that all the Korean churches in America had gathered together in January on the same day at the same hour across the entire country to commemorate the centennial and to pray for Revival to come once more to the North. He said that in So. California thousands had gathered at Staples Center in L.A. Praise God! I had no idea. The Spirit is moving right now in so many different places, among so many different churches, and in so many different ways that it is truly amazing.

If you would like to join our Korean bothers in intercession for North Korea, here is a website.


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