Worship on the Internet

Here’s a real interesting article about religion on the internet. It starts out talking about religion in general on the internet and presents some awesome statistics:

“…the number of Web pages dealing with God, religion and churches increased from 14 million in 1999 to 200 million in 2004. Religion now nearly rivals sex as a topic on the Internet: A search for “sex” on Google returns about 408 million hits, while a search for “God” yields 396 million. “

Then the majority of the article talks about India and how popular the internet has become to the younger set in searching for religion, prayers, and Hindu services. It even explores the popularity of Indian religious sites with Indians who are living out of the country in places like the UK or USA.

After reading the article, I believe that there could be a real opportunity to spread the gospel in India through the internet, particularly among the young.


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