Re: Members of Congress Issue ‘a Call to Prayer for America’

I posted about this on my main site, however I have a bunch of different readers here and I believe this is really important:

On Wednesday March 28, the Congressional Prayer Caucus asked Americans to pray at least 5 minutes per week for the USA. There are 38 members of congress from both parties in the caucus which was formed in 2005.

They are sponsoring a new web site: where people can sign up and commit to 5 minute blocks of time each week in prayer for America. The goal is to have complete coverage with someone praying for the country 24/7: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Read: the press article

Comment: When was the last time you associated prayer with the U.S. Congress? We stand at the crossroads on many different levels in this country (USA), now is certainly a good time for prayer. *Top

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