Revival: Change Now or Change Later?

We have already seen several leaders fall. I believe that now is the time to get our churches in order, particularly leaders. Some seem to think that is the enemy who is exposing leaders and embarrassing the church. However, I actually believe it is a work of God to purify his people and to prepare them for revival.

Will the church need to change before revival comes or will revival come first and bring change? It could be a case of choosing to change now or having to change later and maybe suffering loss.

I recently read an article by J. Lee Grady, In Charisma Magazine April 2007 issue in his Fire In My Bones Column: “When Grace Is Greasy“. It previously appeared online and can be found in the Archives @Feb. 2, 2007 under the title:“Cowardice, Compromise, and The Sin of Eli”.

Grady writes about the permissive spirit that ruined the ministry of Eli and his two sons (I Sam.) and applies it to the current church in America. Here are a few important quotes:

We are in a moment of serious leadership crisis in the American church, and part of our problem is the sin of Eli. I am making an appeal: Will the fathers and mothers of the church please do your job? We need your rebuke and your rod of correction.

… Please go to those who are abusing others, sexually or in any other way, remove them from leadership and get them healed.

Please don’ let the Hophnis and Phinehases (Eli’s sons) of today have airtime on Christian TV. Please don’t showcase them in your conferences. Please stop looking the other way when you hear about their blunders. Please restore discipline to the body of Christ.

I received the following from Charisma Online: Streams of Revival, May 8, 2007-Archives. It is a prophetic message from Matt Sorger. It is right on target with what Grady was inspired to write about:

The sifting is not over. There is more sifting that is coming into the church. “Tell My people not to be shaken when they see the shaking happening. There is a sifting hand of God going through the corporate body of Christ right now.” Either you can let God sift you in private or you can let Him sift you in public. The choice is yours.

The season of mixture is over. There are things that God and His mercy have tolerated for a season. But that tolerance has reached its end. We are coming into a season during which we can’t play games anymore. We can’t play with sin–and still expect to see the world won for Jesus Christ. We can’t tolerate inward things in our hearts.

There is no more time for the spirit of tolerance of the spirit of this age. We are coming into a season during which God is going to pour out His power. Either you will be ready for it or you won’t be. That season is just upon us.


Over the last few years I have read a number of articles and research papers which claim that Christians live and look no different than their non-believing neighbors. I don’t believe that that is entirely true; however, the ‘spirit of the age’ does seem to have entered into the church on a number of fronts. Will the church need to change before revival comes or will revival come first and bring change? Either way, change is on the horizon and leaders need to be in the forefront.


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