Revival and Cessationism

When I started reading in the blogosphere a year and a half ago I was taken back by the on-going debates regarding the Gifts of the Spirit and Cessationism. The battle lines were drawn and the war was raging at the time and still is to a lesser degree. I found some excellent responses on Adrian Warnock’s blog. Nevertheless, no one has been able to claim total victory in this skirmish among Evangelical, Reform, and Charismatic Christians.

Recently Adrian provided a link to an article on Challies dot com under the ironic title: A Cessationalist Healing? I laughed at the title but after reading about the healing I started thinking. There really isn’t a spit worth of difference between the practice of praying for the sick in a cessationalist group or among Charismatics and Pentecostals. God either shows up and the person is healed or he doesn’t.

What if God really started showing up a lot in our churches? The whole argument would then become moot. *Top

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