A Different Kind of ‘Revival’ and Another ‘Gospel’: “The Secret”

A best selling book, The Secret edited by Rhonda Byrne, has spawned a new craze and presented a new ‘gospel’ or teaching; which isn’t really new at all but admittedly has roots that go all the way back to the Babylonian religion. The book is promoted and touted as having an answer for every problem on the Oprah show. Here is a great article by Mel Lawrenz posted on Christianity Today.

Here are a few quotes:

“Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency, as you think, those thoughts are sent out into the universe and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source. And that source is you.”

“The secret is simply “the law of attraction.” Think about wealth, and you will become wealthy. Think about that new car, and it will come. Think about getting a good parking spot, and one will open up. …”

“Whatever happens to you—the good and the bad—was attracted by your thoughts. Appendicitis? Auto accident? Poverty? You brought it on yourself.”

“The Secret, you see, is all about the self—it’s for the self, obsessed with the self.”


This is Humanism par excellence. According to The Secret you are the center of the universe and everything works according to your thoughts and biddings. In reality, you are your own god. Forget Babylon, this teaching really goes back to Genesis and the serpent (AKA Satan). This is a substitute ‘gospel’ and a different kind of ‘revival’.

Here is a great quote by Professor Robert Thompson of Syracuse University:

The Secret promises this heaven on Earth in one fell swoop by simply desiring something, by simply wanting it. It’s amazing how we really are a nation of, at best, great optimists, at worst, real suckers.”

This nation is so desperate for revival that anything will do, even a false gospel, a false faith, and a false hope. Particularly if we are personally in charge of the whole thing and it offers to give us everything we want and we get to worship ourselves. What could be better than that?

Well, how about the real God, real faith, and real Revival? *Top

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