New Testament Christianity is Alive and Well in India

Just received this from Charisma+online, the latest Fire In My Bones‘ article by J. Lee Grady, Friday June 29, 2007. This article really made my day and will make yours too: “They raise the Dead in India-Why Don’t We?”.

It is the story of Evangelist Harry Gomes of India. Thousands are coming to Christ and they are healing folks and raising the dead. Here is just a taste:

“People still say that India is only 3 percent Christian,” Harry says, laughing loudly. “Actually the number is probably more like 11 percent. They are using old figures.”

Today in the village where Harry grew up, there are now five churches and 90 percent of the 1,500 residents have become believers in Jesus. All this growth has occurred in less than 15 years.

Harry is a vivid example of how India is changing and his unusual ministry demonstrates how New Testament-style miracles are shaking a nation. He has seen more than 240,000 people healed of chronic illnesses. And five people have been resurrected after distraught family members brought their dead bodies to his meetings. One of the incidents has been captured on videotape.

Now that is what we would call revival if it was happening here. In India it is just the book of Acts happening all over again nearly two thousand years later. Meanwhile, the denominational wars continue in America and the atheists in Europe proclaim that God is just a delusion? *Top

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3 Responses to New Testament Christianity is Alive and Well in India

  1. Thanks, Michael, for the post. It gave me shills and made me want to shout Hallelujah! and Amen! at the same time. God is still the same today, yesterday and forever. I was going to ask what it would take for gospel saturated, spiritually glazed over America to experience the same, but then I realized that if God could do what he did amongst the Word hardened Jews of Jesus’ and the early church’s day, He can do it here in America too.

  2. Bring it here Jesus!!!!!!!!

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