Re: A New Season of Sowing and Reaping?

I received the following for, the current ‘Streams of Revival’ message for Tuesday , July 17, 2007:

Matt Sorger, founder of Matt Sorger Ministries, believes God is telling the body of Christ that we are entering a season in which we can expect to reap a harvest quickly from whatever we sow.

Sowing and Reaping:

“There is coming a season in the body of Christ [during which] there will be a very quick sowing and reaping. In the past it’s been sow and then wait and wait, and then you reap something. God said to me for both good and bad, “Whatever good things you sow, there will be a quick reaping; whatever bad things you sow, there will be a quick reaping as well.”


I have been thinking about this message for several days now and it is short and simple and yet quite encouraging to me. Some of the things I sowed 30 years ago are beginning to finally come to fruition. I for one would certainly love to enter a season where I could see some of the fruits of my labor in much quicker fashion. Of course there is also the warning that the not so good things that are sowed will be realized rather quickly also.

Some of the things that the Lord sowed in my life nearly 30 years are beginning to finally happen. In a rather spectacular fashion, the Lord told me about a major world-wide harvest that was to begin ‘soon’ and I could have a part in it. That was in October of 1977 and I am still trying to figure out what ‘soon’ means. I have been looking for major world-wide ‘revival’ ever since.

In the Spring of 1978, one morning I was studying the book of Revelation and asked the Lord if I was going to know of or see some of the ministry of the two prophets (Rev.11) before we all got raptured (at the time, almost everyone was convinced that the Rapture was coming at any moment). A very clear internal audible voice of the Lord spoke to me and declared that he was soon calling forth hundreds of new prophets; men, women, and children. I didn’t know what to do with it at the time. After all, I didn’t even believe in women ministers in 1978, and children too?

I certainly didn’t know how these two ‘words’ were going to fit into my well developed eschatology which expected everything to be all over at any moment. However, in 2007 there are tens of thousands of Christians expecting some kind of major world harvest and I look out across the church today and see hundreds of men and women (and children in my own family) involved in some kind of prophetic ministry, and that was not the case in 1978.

Come Holy Spirit, I would like to see the great harvest in this country, it seems to have already begun in Africa and India, bring it home Lord, send it from coast to coast and to the south and the north. You showed me a vision of it 7 years ago, let the winds blow across this land and Canada. Let a tidal wave of your Spirit sweep across the Atlantic and engulf the UK and wash upon the shores of Europe. *Top

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