9/11/01 -A Date That Marks A New Era

There was a few moments of silent reflection observed today in one of the largest cities in the world. September 11, 2001 is one of those unique moments in history that everyone remembers where they were.

I believe it marks a new era. The beginning of America and the Western world recognizing that we were in the middle of a world conflict with radical Islam and really didn’t know it till then. Many in this country would like to pretend that nothing has changed and that the supposed ‘War on Terror’ is nothing but some kind of political hoax.

Read the title of C.S.’s Recent Article and then tell me that nothing has Changed:

“Nazarene Church Attacked by Muslim Mob in Detroit”

Before 9/11/01 I hardly ever heard anything about Islam nor did I really care. In America, Islam was just another religion that some people were members of. I can’t remember any real controversies concerning Muslims before then. Most Muslims in Southern California were somewhat in the closet and were trying to be like regular Americans even though there were several hundred thousand in this area.

Now everything has changed. Many Muslims have come out and have started making demands for us to accommodate their faith and practices. Now you see woman dressed in hijabs everywhere you go in Southern California.

Muslims are demanding special ‘Muslim only’ prayer rooms for their children in schools and getting them. Schools and even some businesses are now allowing Muslims to take additional breaks at the appropriate prayer times. Muslim cab drivers here and elsewhere in the country are refusing to pickup people who have obviously been drinking. School cafeterias are dropping pork products from their menus because of Muslim parent demands. It goes on and on –that is just some of the local issues that have recently come up. Muslims in this area have been encouraged by their Mosques to stand up for their religion and show America who they are.

Not all of this is necessarily bad, it just marks an obvious change that has happened largely since 9/11/07. If you read C.S.’s article you discover that the mob attacking the Nazarene Church was actually in Indonesia, but tell me if you didn’t at first think that it was entirely possible that the event might have happened in Detroit? That demonstrates the change that I am observing.

One concern that I have, will the day come that we will be facing some of the challenges that Europeans are now facing with the rise of Islam in their midst? It is even to the point there where converts to Christianity are facing persecution and threats from their Muslim families and former Islamic communities.

My question of the day is this. How should Christians and how should the church in America respond to these changes? Prayer and wisdom is definitely needed. When I see the Muslims in our midst I see a group of people that need the Gospel and the real Jesus in their lives. *Top

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