A Great Article: “Revival for a Mission!!”

Here is a great article about revival on Dan Bowen’s blog- “Revival for a Mission!!. Everyone interested in world revival and harvest should read it. Much of the hope, vision, and expectation that I have for a coming revival is captured in this article.

Dan reproduced a chapter from the book: “Revive Us Again!”, entitled: “A radical goal for radical Christians” by David Mansell. David starts the chapter in this way:

“If future revival is not to run up a cul-de-sac we will need to be more radical than our predecessors”.

The following are some of the key points addressed in the article:

1. The Gospel Preached.

2. True Unity.

3. Outpouring on Israel.

4. Islamic Nations Turn to Christ.

5. Demonic Powers Overthrown.

6. Nations Turning to Christ.

The Presence of God.

Realising Our Destiny.

Comments: So much of what is called ‘revival’ in Charismatic and Pentecostal circles today is consumed by Christians with very little effect upon the community or the nation in which they live. The first revival on the day of Pentecost touched the community (Jerusalem), the nation and folks visiting from many other nations. This is the pattern and the template that I am looking for in a major coming revival that will shake the nations and bring a major world harvest.

However, while we are waiting for the ‘big one’, we should never disparage small beginnings or any move of God anywhere. JC Smith reminded me of that in a comment on my last article. *Top

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