Iran: A Story of a Courageous Pastor and His Wife

I found this story of a courageous Iranian Pastor and his wife on the VOM Persecution Blog. It is entitled:

Extreme Vacation: Iran: A Seaside City:

“Now we are on vacation, honey,” the Iranian pastor said to his wife. “Please, don’t do anything that will make the police question us. Let’s not ruin this time together.” The pastor’s wife was a walking witness for Jesus Christ. She had handed out thousands of Bibles to Muslims in Iran and over five thousand copies of the Jesus film. At the seaside city where they were vacationing, they went to the mall. They separated to look for the different things they wanted, and when the pastor returned, he found his wife telling a large group of people in the store about Jesus Christ. Looking around for secret police, he quickly ushered his wife out of the store and into the car. “Honey, we are on vacation. I thought we weren’t going to do that here.” She looked him in the eye. “There are many people back in that store that don’t know Jesus,” she said seriously. “If they die and go to hell, you are responsible.”

The chastened pastor turned the car around and drove back to the mall. Quickly his wife went back inside, handing out copies of Scripture and the Jesus film. One lady came forward. “Oh, thank you so much,” she said tearfully. “For five years I have been praying for a Bible, and now the Lord has answered my prayer.”

Comments: I found this story so inspirational that I had to pass it on. We are so comfortable in America and the Western world that we forget that in many lands Christians are persecuted for sharing their faith. We have the freedom to share Jesus with anyone we want to without fear for our very lives and yet seldom if ever go the extra mile that these courageous folks do. *Top

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