Should Christians Make This Claim Against Mormonism?

Re: "Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the Devil are Brothers?". This is the now famous question that Gov. Mike Huckabee asked during an interview.

I have heard well meaning Christians make this claim about Mormonism repeatedly believing that they are making an informed point against the Mormon Church.

The only problem- no Mormon will own this teaching and the LDS Church officially denies it. Read my article on my Apologetica blog about why I think that Christians should stop making this claim against Mormonism.

I am particularly sensitive about this issue since I am constantly finding and reading unfair diatribes against my own church (Vineyard Movement) and ministries that I support. Justifiable criticisms should always be welcome, but rumors, innuendos, and false claims should never be tolerated in the Christian community.

Christians should be particularly careful in their claims against people, like the Mormons, who need to find the ‘real’ Christ and his church.             *Top

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