2008: A Cry for Revival

I received an article on Wednesday from Charisma’s J.Lee Grady: 1-02-08 "A Desperate Cry for Revival in 2008", that really describes where I am at for the beginning of 2008.

Mr. Grady said the following that really hit home:

"Never in my 15 years at Charisma have I known a time of such intense spiritual turbulence. God is shaking everything that can be shaken, including our Christian colleges, our megachurches and our most prominent ministries.

At a time when a U.S. senator is investigating the financial practices of six well-known preachers, I sense that God has taken out His holy plumb line to conduct His own detailed inspection of every church and ministry in this country. He wants to unleash a nationwide revival, but He must bring His correction first."

This really does identify what I was trying to say in a recent ‘recap’ article on 2007.

J. Lee Grady goes on to identify 5 things that we should be fasting and praying for in 2008:

1. The fear of God.

2. Integrity and purity in the church.

3. A return to evangelism.

4. Godly leadership.

5. A national spiritual awakening.

I believe that Grady is correct in all these areas of concern particularly the desperate need for change in our churches and revival in our land. He ends his article with the following:

Can such a movement happen again? It must or our country will descend into its darkest hour. I urge you to join me in this solemn fast. Pray with desperation for the five topics outlined here. We can’t settle for anything less than a heavenly visitation.

Come Holy Spirit, visit our churches and our land with a sovereign move this year.          *Top

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