"Advice to a Young Leader in a Time of Shaking"

J. Lee Grady has some great advice here for ‘young’ Christian leaders and old ones too -found on  http://www.godtube.com/charismatv :

(Play time: 6 minutes 31 seconds)

You can find this in printed form at Charisma Online: "Fire in My Bones": go to ‘Archives’ and click on the menu and find the article @ 10-26-07 – Advice to a Young Leader in a Time of Shaking.

Here are the main points that he suggests young leaders to live by:

1. Live a humble, transparent life.

2. Stay open to correction.

3. Audit your actions regularly.

4. Stay in touch with the real world.

5. Don’t allow people to make you a celebrity

6. Make family a priority.

7. Live modestly and give extravagantly.

8. Don’t build your own kingdom.

9. Develop keen discernment.

10. Maintain your spiritual passion.


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