Charismatic Leadership Summit -2008: Some Random Quotes

Here is some interesting quotes from various leaders at the January 2008 Charismatic Leadership Summit from a MinistryToday article:

  • "You’ve exited your calling when you seek to please people."
  • "The overriding power of a church is in simplicity."
  • "I am committed to still believing that we don’t have to acquiesce or surrender the power of God in order to win a generation. If we’re going to win the Muslim world, if we’re going to win America over, we need to demonstrate the power of God.
  • "Moves of God and revivals themselves are not the endgame; the kingdom of God is the endgame."

Response: It is good to see some of our Pentecostal/Charismatic leaders dealing with some of the issues that have plagued the American church in this generation. Follow the link and read all of the quotes. Also read this article written by Steve Murrell who attended the meetings.             *Top

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