Laughter and Joy in the Lord

image After all the recent controversy about ‘laughter’ in the church. Here is a devotional sent to me today from Charisma Online. I still believe there is a place for genuine response to the joy that the Holy Spirit brings into our lives. Sometimes I cannot help but laugh!

Joy in the Holy Spirit

Today’s message is from Fuchsia Pickett.

I am told that laughter was a large part of the revival of 1948. It is a part of the move of God today. I know that some people may try to counterfeit this experience. But that doesn’t mean that joy and laughter are not real experiences in God.

I preached recently on the joy of the Lord. I had no idea what the response would be. When I finished preaching, we sang a chorus about the joy of the Lord. The glory of God began to breathe through the church. I saw men bending over in laughter. Children were giggling and teenagers were cackling.

I elbowed my husband and said, “It is happening.” No one had suggested anything or forced that manifestation of joy to happen. The presence of the Lord was simply filling the people and allowing them to experience His joy without inhibition.

We have lived a sour Christianity long enough. When God brings revival this time, we are going to be so happy that we will harass people with our happiness. They will be provoked to jealousy over our carefree, joyful countenances, attitudes and actions.

Joy is not found in worldly pursuits. Most people in the world have already discovered that truth. As the world sees our joy in the Holy Spirit, they will be attracted to God. And, as the presence of God reveals the compassionate heart of Jesus, we will be moved with love toward the unsaved.


Lord, I don’t want to be a sour-faced Christian who frowns on those who are free enough to enjoy Your presence. Fill me with Your supernatural joy.


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2 Responses to Laughter and Joy in the Lord

  1. Its interesting that of all the “crazy” things some Christians do, laughter has to be controversial. I look at the first filling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and people thought the apostles were drunk with wine. Now I’m not a “scholar” but I have been around drunk people- and I have been around people filled with Spiritual laughter, if they were in the same room… I probably wouldn’t know which was which (if I didn’t know the person).

    So if one is open to the Spirit manifesting in that way, there it is described in the Bible.

    Thanks for the post, I think we could all use a bit more Spiritual Joy in our lives! Who doesn’t? Personally I think it comes down to what each person is open to and relying on the Spirit to discern truth and God’s will, and that may be different for each believer depending on where they are with God.

  2. Thanks Sean,

    Good points and right on!

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