An Anniversary Belatedly Observed

The 2nd Anniversary of this blog went unnoticed while I was flat on my back nursing some kind of bug.   Charismatica Blog started two years ago on April 2, 2006.

 image_thumbThis actually makes me a ‘tweener’ in the blogosphere. The ‘ancient sages’ came before 2003, the ‘mature’ webloggers started in 2004-5, then came the popular deluge of blogs starting in 2005-6 -‘the adults’. The path was already well worn when I started in 2006, yet so much has happened since in the blogosphere it will be interesting to see what comes next–we are really still at the beginning of this web genre.   

This was actually my 2nd blog. I started blogging at ANSWERS For The Faith a month earlier on March 5, 2006.  My original idea for CHARISMATICA was to make a website with referral links (See: “Referral Pages: Revival Ministries-links”) to all the different ministries that had come through my home church at one time or another. Ministries that I wanted to keep up on.

Later, I started adding sites of ministries that they were linked to in some way or another– Revival or church Renewal was the prevailing theme that linked all these folk together. To round out this site, I started adding announcements, articles, book reviews, testimonies, and personal commentary, all with a focus on Revival. My latest project, began in December 2006, was to start a Directory of ‘everything Vineyard’ on the Internet, including a new blogroll.

The name ‘Charismatica’ came to me while I was worshipping Sunday morning April 2, 2006. I got home and found that the domain name- was available and grabbed it, added a WordPress blogging platform and started in.

The next day I ‘googled’ ‘charismatica’ to see what else might be out there with the same name on the web. I found a music group and then page after page of archived articles (literally 100’s of articles) that were all against anything and everything that was Charismatic or Pentecostal. All of it on a website called ‘Charismatica’—my new domain.  Apparently they had just quit that week and hadn’t renewed the domain.  I was horrified and ready to flush the whole thing.

Then I believe the Lord clearly spoke to me saying that he gave me that name and domain in order to redeem it. After all, anything named ‘charismatica’ (things of the Spirit), should be for the work of the Holy Spirit and not against it. Today if you google ‘charismatica’ all of those ‘anti’ articles are long gone.

Along the way, my original vision has expanded to include 8 different blogs.  Usually I am way over my head with all the technical stuff. Sometimes I have gotten off track and have forgotten the original vision. Sometimes it has been more like a hobby. Sometimes it has been a burden. But sometimes I remember to include the Lord in what I am doing and it is actually a blessing. It has definitely been an interesting ride so far. There have been ups and downs, but mostly ups and many blessings in the process.

The greatest blessing that has come my way has been the opportunity to meet so many of you on the web. It is my hope that in the last 2 years that something on this blog has been helpful to someone along the way. At least I can say that I’ve been richly blessed by all of you who have visited and stopped to dialogue. God Bless!  PS: I’m still hoping, looking, and praying for revival to come to this land and major revival to sweep across the nations.            *Top

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