Baptist Pastors Conference: Prepare for Revival

‘Preparing for revival’  is the major theme of the SBC Pastors’ Conference in Indianapolis June 8-9. Under the title, "Prepare for Rain," the conference will focus upon the role of prayer and brokenness in spiritual renewal. image According to Pastors’ Conference President Michael Catt:

"…but the reality is we don’t have praying churches that are longing for revival. If there’s not prayer and brokenness in revival, our churches are not going to do a better job of evangelism because carnal people don’t have a burden for lost people."  …

"The Pastors’ Conference needs to be for guys who are rolling into town on four flat tires, ready to resign. I’m praying that God so moves in that room that it’s no longer about where are we going to eat but it really stirs the hearts of every man and woman in that room toward doing something different for God. What would happen if 5,000 pastors — who influence between 2.5 and 3 million people each week — got desperate before God and walked into their pulpits different men the next Sunday?"

Response: Pray for the SBC Baptist pastors. I really do believe that God wants to bring revival to that denomination and touch the millions in their churches in a fresh way.            *Top

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