Please Note: Slight Change of Address!

This blog now has a slightly different address since moving to a new host. Before, there were 2 addresses that could be used to get to the front page: and

Now is the sole proper address.

There are a bunch of you out there which have linked to this blog using It still gets you here but not to the front page. A couple of days ago the link took you to a year-old post–now you will end up on the Vineyard Blogroll page. From there you could always click on the name at the top to get to the current front page or maybe you might find it more convenient just to change your link.

Note also, if you have linked to some of my posts in the past and you want to maintain those links, erase blog/ from the permalink and it will still work. For example, here is a past article that many have linked to which continues to receive considerable traffic:

Bill Johnson and Bethel Church: A Revival Culture

The new permalink is:

As compared to the old:
(I have highlighted the difference)

Also, please note Vineyard Bloggers: The links to The Vineyard Directory and Blogroll pages have also slightly changed—-blog/ has also been dropped from all of those addresses.


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