Revival What Ifs: What If ‘Azusa Street’ Started Today?

This is the first and maybe the last in a series of posts exploring what it might be like if certain revivals started today.  Enjoy:

image-a dove …..If Azusa Street started today:

1. The LA Fire Dept. would shut down the meetings. Too many folks stuffed in a dangerous wooden barn.

2. OSHA would come by and fine the church for lack of disability ramps, restrooms, and parking.

3. The neighbors would complain because of all the noise and traffic caused by the gatherings. Plus those all night services must stop.

4. The Mayor would order the church banished from the city: " After all, we already have enough churches and not one of them help with the city budget. Besides churches are all suppose to meet at schools or in industrial parks outside the city limits, accept for the old ones which were built by ‘real’ denominations 50 years ago. Also, WalMart was interested in that property and we are just going to have to condemn it anyway."

5. According to the ‘Biblical Answer Man’s’ chief cult headhunter: " The last ones we know of who spoke in tongues were Joseph Smith and Brigham Young of the Mormons in 1835".

6. Fundamentalist Bible teacher, Dr. Cliff proclaims on the radio that "Tongues and all those gifts ceased when the ‘perfect’ Bible came– I Cor.13 proves it!"

7. Google ‘Azusa Street revival’ and you would get 2 pages of critical articles from folks who haven’t been there with theological reasons and expose’s of why it can’t be from God. Then this is followed by 10 folks who claim they went to a service at Azusa Street "with an open mind, but…".

8. RelTV would probably refuse to televise the meetings because…" Pastor Seymour is a horrible speaker and the music is terrible!"

…..If Azusa Street started today!             *Top

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9 Responses to Revival What Ifs: What If ‘Azusa Street’ Started Today?

  1. It would be condemned because there was not enough preaching. The preacher just laid out on the platform.

    And I heard that not everyone got baptized in the Spirit there. Clearly that means those who did were under the power of the devil!

  2. Yep, for sure! lol –Thanks Carl

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  4. …” Pastor Seymour is a horrible speaker and the music is terrible!”

    That standard certainly is not the one used for GodTV!

  5. Good observation SLW!

  6. carl the holyspirit will only forefill those that wants to be must be very careful how you put your mouth on gods people

  7. Lynn,

    Thanks for visiting. Actually knowing Carl he was speaking ironically here.

  8. if we meet Gods conditions in prayer and fastingg God will pour out His spirit on hungry souls. He did it once on our church in 1995 and He will do it again. Let us humble ourself and seek Him again! It is Mal4,5, 6. Amen.

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