Lakeland: So What Now?

image Todd Bentley announced a separation from his wife this week. The blogoshere is full of "see I told you so’s" and "this proves that Lakeland was bogus" tirades including J. Lee Grady’s latest- Fire in My Bones.

So what does this mean? Are those folks that were healed now required to give back the blessing? Those who where raised from the dead around the world in response to prayer, are they now required to give up and die? All the folks that I know who received a blessing from the Lakeland Outpouring–are they now supposed to deny that it ever happened?

This is a personal tragedy for Todd and his family. What really bothers me is how gleeful and celebratory some ‘Christians’ are in response to a brother’s difficulty–no it actually make me rather sad and angry at the same time!

The old adage that "we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water" really does apply here. Let’s change the bath water so to speak and let the Revival continue.

Is Todd’s whole ministry and anointing now to be questioned? I was reminded this morning of some of the Judges in the Old Testament that had some personal problems and yet were blessed of God tremendously—particularly Samson. We haven’t heard the last of Todd Bentley and I am sure his future will include something more than just bring down the Philistine temple. My prayers go with him and his family.            *Top

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13 Responses to Lakeland: So What Now?

  1. Dr. D,
    I had problems with Todd Bentley’s “ministry” long before his current marital problems, but I totally agree with your analysis. Do we really need to kick him when he’s down? Even if he were out and out a false prophet would it follow that anyone “blessed” by his ministry should cash in his or her healing for sickness or litheness for lameness? Good post, good thoughts. Blessings bro,

  2. Thanks SLW for you imput. I appreciate and value your opinion.

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  4. *sigh*

    What is it with Bentley supporters and putting the word Christian in parenthesis whenever talking about brethren that don’t support Bentley?

    Blessings and healings are from God, not Bentley, so Bentley making mistakes does not lessen the power of God. Your supposition that because Bentley screwed up[other than with his “ministry”], people who have been blessed by God must suddenly forfeit their blessings does not take away from the argument that Bentley is someone to be cautious about.

    I was involved in many religions other than Christianity at one point in my life, including Wicca, and God blessed me despite those things and brought me through all of it to His Son. He’s an amazing and merciful God. He will bring true healing and life to those who seek Him, despite any mistakes Bentley makes.

  5. What was I thinking? I meant quotations, not parenthesis… lol.

  6. Thanks Alycin,

    I appreciate your candor and the opportunity to clarify.

    However, I would not consider myself a ‘Bentley supporter’, I am a supporter of anything that God does.

    There were a number of things that Todd did and said that made me rather uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I do believe that Lakeland was a move of God in spite of it all.

    I put “Christians” in quotes to emphasize that the behavior of some Christians towards Bentley is anything but helpful or Christian.

    I know many good Christian folks who were concerned about certain aspects of Todd’s ministry and the Florida Outpouring, I can respect that. Most are praying ‘for’ Bentley and his family and for the Church at Lakeland and in general for those who might be affected.

    I am reacting against those who are gleeful and happy with Todd’s difficulty. They really aren’t treating him as a brother at all.

    My point is not–“people who have been blessed by God must suddenly forfeit their blessings”–but exactly the opposite.

    All of the real blessings and healing at Lakeland and elsewhere was the work of God and came in spite of immature and broken servants.

    I want to see the outpouring continue and the whole event redeemed. Come Holy Spirit and bring your true revival to this dry and thirsty land.


  7. The truth is always revealed — just as we have been praying. So many deceived – where is the discernment? (…last part edited out)

  8. Thanks Deb-
    Sorry I had to edit out the last part. I have read several blogs stating the same thing with no real reference or source to back it up.

    There are at least three reputable Christian news and magazine sites I know who would print what you said if they could really verify it—But they haven’t.

    Therefore, it may or may not be true and amounts to conjecture at the best and gossip at the worse.


  9. In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. Wait on the Lord, be strong and off good courage, and the Lord shall strengthen your heart.

    Any “move of God” will be accompanied by the fruit of the Spirit which is in all goodness and truth. Those who truly have ears to hear are hearing what the Spirit is saying to the church: test the spirits to see if they be of God. If a man has no rule over his spirit, he is a city broken down and without walls. The beasts are free to inhabit such a city. If we cannot rule our own spirit in a manner that is honoring to God, if we cannot have our own houses in order, then God says we are not qualified to be in a place of God-approved ministry. Yes, we must pray for the broken to be made whole, for the blind to see and the deaf to hear.

  10. Wahat now?? Same as before this whole fiasco was thrust upon us. Press into know Him and make Him known. …
    Now, we are supposed to pray for this unwashed hireling. …

    Who I will pray for is his children, and his wife,…(a Lot deleted)

    **Please see note below:

  11. I have a blog that I welcome supporter of Todd Bentley to visit at I have made a video of encouragement to Todd and a blog also. Those who support Todd even in the bad times will find this encouraging for yourself as well.

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    I will only consider constructive responses to the article. Full page rants, innuendo, or gossip will be either edited or not printed at all.


  13. The bigger picture is that Bentley was part of a
    movement that lacks obedience. It is enough to
    say he was wrong for his false teachings.
    2 Peter 2

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