<<THE CALL>>Washington DC- August 16,2008


 image THE CALL is in progress today in Washington DC.  Right now, Lou Engle is leading thousands in prayer and intercession for the nation and for revival. Here’s their website for info. The conference is live on GodTV (DIRECTV 365) and also on online @ GOD.TV.

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2 Responses to <<THE CALL>>Washington DC- August 16,2008

  1. I’ve been thinking about a couple of passages, one O.T. and one N.T. 2 Chr. 7:14 says that if “WE” “God’s people” will humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways and pray, then God will hear and heal our land. We as Christians need to be called to repentance and to return to the Lord. This is where it all needs to begin. The call of the bridegroom is never to be linked with The Call. This is spiritually confusing to me. And, finally, Jesus said that we were to pray in secret and we would be rewarded openly. The Call is anything but secret prayer, secret fasting — it’s out there for everyone to see. This bothers me.

  2. Ann,

    2 Chr. 7:14 is one of the major references for The Call and repentance and prayer are the dominant features.

    In context Jesus in Matt. 6:5-6 was speaking about those who pray in public “to be seen of men” and pretend to be spiritual–this clearly does not apply here.

    Is prayer only to be done in secret? hardly! Christians pray together in groups and churches all the time and no bible scholar who knows anything would claim that this is a violation of what Jesus taught—on the contrary.

    The real action scripture here is Matt. 18:19-20: “where two or three are gathered in my name..”

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