San Francisco: "Golden Gate Outpouring"

image Here’s an article about revival breaking out at a church in San Francisco. It does have some connection with Lakeland but it also is entirely different. According to the Pastor, Michael Brodeur:

“Our meetings have been very different from Lakeland in style and form. The character of our outpouring is been much more just soaking in the presence of God and seeking His face.”

“We cry out to God and worship and pray for the sick every night, but it’s not Lakeland or anything, where 10,000 people show up.  The San Francisco Bay Area has less Christians per capita than most missions fields—under 3 percent. The cry for revival is something that is really burning inside of us."

Response: This is what I am looking for to break out all across the nation in hundreds of churches. No superstars, no TV cameras, just God showing up in a unique way that fits the character and needs of the area where the congregation is serving.

California and particularly San Francisco is desperately in need of revival. For the last several years, there have been reports of literally hundreds of folks having dreams, visions, and prophecies about some kind of judgment coming upon this area and this state–usually in the form of some large earthquake.

What is being reported here is similar to what we are experiencing in South OC at VCC Laguna Niguel. Folks are being healed at an increasing rate and more are coming forward and receiving Christ than we have ever seen before–at every service.        *Top

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