Hebridean Revival 1949: An Incredible Account

(Duncan Campbell- "You met God on meadow and moorland; you met Him in the homes of the people. God seemed to be everywhere…" –running time: 10:26)

An old recording of Duncan Campbell recalling the night in 1949 when revival fell on the Isle of Lewis, Hebridean Islands, Western Scotland.

This is one of the most inspirational videos that I have ever watched! At the end I was in prayer seeking God’s face for my own nation. Anyone interested in real actual revival needs to take 10 1/2 minutes and listen to this account, it will blow you away and put you on your knees also. A good way to start the day.

-Links to articles on the Hebridean Revival 1949-1952:

The Intercessors of the Hebrides Revival of 1949

When God Stepped Down From Heaven

Revival In The Hebrides Islands

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11 Responses to Hebridean Revival 1949: An Incredible Account

  1. Thought I’d let you know, in view of our conversation over at my blog, that I have watched this clip. Thank you for posting it, it is inspiring to say the least! Would it be out of place to say, “now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

  2. slw: I thought so. too. We are on the same page–That is what I am watching for, and looking for.

  3. Hello, I am the man who put the book When God Stepped Down From Heaven. I have a 1946 copy of that little book and it is priceless to me. I am an international evangelist and I have seen thousands saved and thousands healed in the last several years.
    Oh how we need a massive revival in our country. I am praying and working towards that.

    God Bless you

  4. Evan-

    Thanks for visiting and keep working and looking for revival.

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  6. pastor Thieringo

    prayer request :
    protection healing and miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus Name .

  7. I love this clip… The entire sermon/testimony can be found here…

    Part 1 – http://media.sermonindex.net/1/SID1552.mp3
    Part 2 – http://media.sermonindex.net/1/SID1553.mp3

    This is without the music… The audio file from the above file is actually a clip from this larger message

    Revival Hymn – http://www.revivalhymn.net/videofiles/revivalhymn.mp3

    I love this particular revival because it was evident that God did the work! Thank you for posting this!!!

    btw I am not affiliated with either one of the two sites although Greg Gordon of sermonindex.net is a friend, which is how I knew about the audio of “God Stepped Down” There are some other resources where Brother Campbell gives account of amazing testimonies form the revivals in the Hebrides…

    God Bless you all and may our prayers for revival be answered!

  8. pastor Thieringo

    prayer request: protection,prosprerity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances,success and miracles in business,miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .

  9. graham spencer

    Could it be possible to hear the preacher without all that strange music?
    The essage is probably excellent, but I cannot hear the man because of the sqealing music. I a sure it wasn’t on the original recording

  10. Oh Thank you David, we in Montana are praying for our ourselves and our loved ones and our town and the nation of America as the anniversary of the Azusa street gets closer. Lord, is my heart pure and my hands clean?

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