Prayers for Secret Muslim Believers

image **This was released today from Open Doors Secret Believers Ministry after I posted the previous article:

Prayers for Secret Believers

For congregations to pray

Sovereign Lord,

We pray for believers across the Muslim world who have chosen to follow Christ, often at
great personal cost.

Strengthen those who lead congregations, that they may be faithful to the call of God to
build the church in the Muslim world. Give courage to those who face intimidation,
discrimination, imprisonment or torture for their faith in you. And bring peace to the Muslim
world, so that your church may grow and flourish freely.

We also pray for Muslims all over the world who are seeking the truth about God. Bring
alongside them someone who will share the love of Jesus so that they can know God for

We ask this that your church may advance, to the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.


For persecuted Christians to pray

Father God,

Convince us again of your love for us and give us grace to forgive our oppressors, to love
them and not become bitter. Help us to put on the full armour of God so that we can take
our stand for you, and enable us to remain in the communities and families that you have
placed us in.

We ask for your protection and pray that you would thwart the plans of those who would
wish to bring us harm. Grant us "safe" fellowship with other believers, and give us
discernment to know who and when to trust.

Finally we ask that you would reveal yourself to the people living around us and put your
love into their hearts.

We ask this in the name of Christ.



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