Ground Zero in the Culture Wars

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In some ways I am beginning to feel like I’m at ground zero in the culture wars.

We are still living with the aftermath of the election with thousands of gay activists taking to the streets last weekend protesting the passage of Prop. 8 that supported traditional marriage and ended same-sex marriage in California.

I wonder what this weekend will bring–many activist websites are calling for greater and more radical responses today and Sunday.

Last Sunday, nearly 300 ( some news reports say 1,000–no way!) or so were gathered two blocks from my house in front Rick Warren‘s SaddleBack Church, shouting obscenities to all who passed by but especially at those who dared to enter for worship. The news folks were there of coarse.

There was also a few down in Laguna Niguel near where I go to church.

Speaking about the media–all seem to be sympathetic to the poor victimized gays and rather one-sided against Catholics, Mormons, and Evangelicals–with an attitude that we’re all bigots and getting what we deserve.

Catholic Churches have been vandalized, even some black churches in So.Cal., but the greatest attacks seem to be against Mormon churches, temples, and business folk. 

Although the support for Prop. 8 was 70/30 in black areas and that really swung the election, the activists have decided to key in on the Mormons instead. Mormon Church leaders specifically asked their members give support to the Prop. 8 cause.

The activists are publishing ‘McCarthy-type’ blacklists on the web of key contributors especially business owners, and have started to picket some of the stores and restaurants owned by Prop. 8 supporters.

It should be interesting to see what comes our way in the next couple of days.            *Top 

A summary of some of the worst: 

Reactions across the country: picketing at Mormon temples everywhere including NY City, An Evangelical Church attacked in Michigan, JC Smith also blogged on it and talked to the pastor.

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