Jesus- Anywhere and Everywhere

Smith Wigglesworth

(Smith Wigglesworth via Wikipedia)

Another great devotional from Charisma Online to start out the week right:

A Message by Smith Wigglesworth:

When traveling by ship from England to Australia, these people came round me and said, “We want to know if you will join us in an entertainment.” Then they said to me, “Well, we have a very large program and would like to put you down to sing a song.”

“Oh,” I said, “my song will be given just before I sing. So you cannot put it down until I am to sing.”

I sang: If I could only tell it as I know it, My Redeemer who has done so much for me; If I could only tell you how much He loves you,I am sure that you would make Him yours today. Could I tell it? Could I tell it? I never could tell it.
The people were weeping all over. We had some fine young men give themselves to Jesus.

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.—EPHESIANS 6:18

Father God, grant me the boldness to transform any place I am into an occasion for prayer. Amen.            *Top

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