Kansas City Revival Continues…

image World Revival Church in Kansas City, Mo. has been experiencing a continuing revival since May 2, 2008, with hundreds attending 4 services a week. We first posted on this in July.

Now the pastor says that the outpouring is ready to expand globally.

This is not his first experience with a revival–Steve Gray, senior pastor of World Revival Church, led a three-year-long outpouring in Smithton, Mo., a decade ago. Pastor Gray indicates that he is going to do it different this time around. Read the latest.            *Top

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4 Responses to Kansas City Revival Continues…

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  2. Robert Jordan

    I go to a church where the presence of God and glory is manifested. Now we want more. More of His presence. I never seen an outpouring like I have seen on the television and internet. That is incredible. We had one of the services last night and it was like a cloven tongue of fire rested on my head! I’m talking about a weight suspended me right there in my pastor’s living room.

  3. Where is that church where the presence of God and glory is manifested? Please provide the name we are hungry for God.

  4. pastor Thieringo

    Prayer request :

    protection , healing, miracles in finances , miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus Name .

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