Tebow is a Winner!

(Image by Getty Images via Daylife)

I watched the big game between Florida and Oklahoma last night. Tuned in hoping that somehow both teams would lose or look bad in the process since I am a diehard USC fan. By the 4th quarter I found myself rooting for Florida because of their very impressive quarterback-Tim Tebow.

The camera did a close-up of Tebow during the game and there it was–John 3:16 written in the middle of the under-eye black spot. Meanwhile, the sports announcers in the 4th quarter were talking about what a fine young man he was–a son of missionaries–who visited folks in hospitals, prisons, and even went on missions himself. Impressive indeed–a real winner on many different levels.

Here are some links to a few stories about Tim today on the internet:

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-Scripture & faith were ‘secrets’ to parenting Tebow, mom says

-Pastor calls Tebow ‘servant leader’

-Tebow’s faith takes center stage            *Top

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