-A Revival in Dubai?

Dubai 2004

(-Picture of Dubai by Qba from Poland via Flickr)

In most Middle Eastern Muslim dominated countries, Christians are persecuted and seldom allowed to build new churches or even remodel the ancient ones they do have. However, in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, the government has given land and favor to Christians to build churches (Over 30).

Consequently, Dubai is home to the largest Evangelical church in all the Middle East- King’s Revival Church International which has some 7,000 members, 24 pastors, and conducts 14 services for a week, 3 in English and the rest in a variety of different languages. Most of the members are expatriates that came to the country for work and a better life.

Pastor Dr. V. Dilkumar says that their outreaches are mostly to foreigners since it is still illegal even in Dubai to proselytize Muslims and those who do convert away from Islam face harsh penalties.

Signs and Wonders

According to Pastor Dilkumar amazing miracles and healings take place at the church every week:

“That’s one of the main reasons the church has grown very much, in fact practically in every main service of ours we get people healed instantly.”

The church even publishes a monthly magazine documenting their healings, including cancers being cured, the lame walking, and the blind seeing.

Pastor Dilkumar said that it all began as part of the calling that God placed upon his heart many years ago:

“He has anointed me to preach the Gospel of Jesus and to heal the broken hearts, and to cause the blind to see, to cause the captives to be free, to proclaim the coming of the Lord.”

The church also sponsors extensive charity work and supports more than a 170 pastors serving throughout the Middle East and Asia. Praise God!            *Top

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10 Responses to -A Revival in Dubai?

  1. Immaculate Olushola Emmanuel

    Praise God. I watched for the first time on TBN Pastor Dilkurma’s programme and was so blessed that I want to get to reach on on the mail if I can get his personal email address. Indeed God is pouring out his spirit on all flesh. Please can I get Dr Dilkurma’s email address. Thank you.

  2. pastor Partick

    I am new in Dubai, please how can i get the church. i would like to worship with the church.

  3. pr.v.samthomas

    I,mpraying that you will visit Gujarat,India,would like to personally before I leave on 25th

  4. catherine sikazwe

    kindly pray for my 17 year old son who is possessed by demons. he does nt want to attend school

  5. catherine sikazwe

    his na is Augustine.I am busy praying for
    him but I need your support

  6. Hi pastor i heard ur going to kenya for a mission,may God bless you, currently am in kenya for a vacation as i work in Dubai, may u have pleasant moment in kenya.

  7. i am christan from pakistan.

  8. Shalom
    I would like to bring my senior pastor from Singapore for a visit to Dubai to preach as a guest speaker in your church.
    would you be interested?
    My senior pastor’s name is Dr. Rev Steven Francis
    He is the younger brother of Prophet Sadhu Sunder Selvaraj
    Our church website is
    I am from Jesus My King Church under Rivers of Life ministries
    please do let me know. timeline is anytime in 2016
    Thank you and God Bless

    Best regards,

  9. Thank you for your suggestions. Our church is Dubai City Church. Its led by Senior Pastors Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas & Rev. Rekha. The Church is firmly rooted in the word of God welcoming people from all over the world.

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