The ‘Clergified’ Church

image I found this quote today in the MinistryToday magazine. It is right on target with what I posted yesterday:

“We have to recognize that we’ve created the system that we loathe. I don’t think the reason 15 percent serve is because 85 percent are lazy. We’ve created a system that glorifies the clergy and marginalized the laity. We got the outcome we created programs for. We’ve become ‘clergified.’

There’s a three-tiered structure: laypeople, clergy and missionaries. … All religions tend to create a class of people who are above others so 1) they can revel in that and 2) the rest of us can say it’s their job.

Christianity was started without any of those structures, and ended up like so many false religions do when they create a ministry caste structure. When we see real movements of God take off, they happen when people are free.”

Lifeway Research director Ed Stetzer [, 2/09]            *Top

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4 Responses to The ‘Clergified’ Church

  1. I’ve been enjoying this series of posts. I think it gets to the crux of why churches grow institutionally, but not spiritually. Many clergy are entrepreneurial and produce top-down service industry models of “churchy” business. That can never be a biblical reflection of the Body of Christ and so can never walk in the body’s anointing.

  2. Strong words but words we should certainly consider.

    I think that we have made most church goers believe that ministry is done by those with amazing gifts and talents rather than letting God work through the gifts he has given each one of us.

  3. Thanks Rodney for visiting and for your comments. Excellent point!

  4. Amen, slw Thanks for your knowledgeable comments pastor.

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