David Wilkerson: "AN URGENT MESSAGE"

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On Saturday March 7, David Wilkerson put the following warning message on his blog:


For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires—such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago.

There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting—including Times Square, New York City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even a depression. We are under God’s wrath.

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Response: Do any of you prophetic folks out there have any light at all on this word? This thing has gone all around the world in 24 hours. I have no light on this at all.

One of the hardest things in the prophetic is timing. Is it really time for America to experience God’s wrath? Have we really gone past the point of no return? And what of the Christian community, how is God calling us to respond? I see no hope or guidance in this message at all.

He seems to be saying that the bottom will completely drop out of the economy and that it will be worse than even the great depression–that riots and civil unrest will follow.

Is there any other prophetic folks saying anything like this anywhere? Like I said, I have no light on this and I have a hard time relating to it at all, but I will be in prayer.    *Top 

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23 Responses to David Wilkerson: "AN URGENT MESSAGE"

  1. I sense this is a message from God but I do think it can cause undue fear in Christians hearts. Zac Poonen brings a balance to this here: http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=27808&forum=34


  2. Yes, Fear is our enemy, but we must always fight it first in our minds. Fear is the ‘Stick’ of the enemy in it’s ‘Carrot and Stick’ scenario. However, Wisdom is not Fear. We cannot hear the leading or voice of the Holy Spirit when Fear is large in us. Therefore, AFTER we have conquered the attack of Fear, THEN we can pray with Wisdom and FOR Wisdom from the Holy Spirit about what our individual response should be to this warning Message from God. Pastor Wilkerson has been consistent over the years in the messages God has given him, even as were the Prophets of old, but his messages have been no more believed or popular than those same Prophets.

    The spirit of Comfort has seduced America, including Believers. And the enemy has had freedom, as long as we ‘felt’ Comfortable. There have been many smaller voices crying out Truth, whether in the Church or not, but they have been scoffed at and silenced.

    We, as the Church of America, are soft. We do not, as humans, want or like pain or messages of pain, including God’s call to Repentence. The Church itself will be changed, hardened as battle-scarred veterans. All soldiers must experience their first real battle, and how they respond will reveal their character.

    It is in fact terrifying to watch events roll on, ever since Hurricane Ike, gathering speed and forcing the reality of fearful change in our nation upon us, and it’s not over. No one believes that it is, whether Believers or Unbelievers. Did you think that the very catastrophe prophesied is the blessing of God, that will cause MANY to turn to God in tears? This may be the actual Time that has been prophesied for our nation for the greatest RE-vival (Believers) and birth of new Believers that we have ever seen.

    First Judgment, then Mercy. Judgment and Mercy kiss. Whether for the individual or the nation, it is the same, and the purpose is God’s Purpose to bring our hearts to Repentance and Salvation at the feet of our Lord Jesus of Nazarath.

  3. I have great respect for David Wilkerson, but this isn’t the first time he has had such words, and if they don’t hold up, it wouldn’t be the first time his words have failed. That does not make him a false prophet– we are told that one speaks and the others judge, and everything gets tested. He did what he should have, shared it, now the rest of us have to weigh it. It isn’t tracking with me, at least not the way he is applying it (fear, 30 day stockpiles). He has put out a follow-up word which alleviates some of my concerns, but I’m not jumping on board with this, not at least until the Holy Spirit speaks something to my spirit which confirms it.

  4. Thanks SLW, that is exactly where I am right now after a day or so.

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  6. When I read brother Wilkerson’s “urgent message” I asked the Lord how Christians are to perceive/respond to it? I believe the Holy Spirit responded rather quickly and what He shared lined up almost EXACTLY with what brother Zac Poonen shares. It does NOT witness to my spirit as given.

    I also believe the Holy Spirit shared that Satan desires to use this message David released to reinforce the “crying wolf” phenomenon. It is designed to harden the heart’s of believers to FULLY VALID words of warning if and when they are given to the Body of Christ in times ahead by high visibility voices such as brother Dave Wilkerson. It is also a device Satan desires to use to discredit David’s ministry as well, not to mention other ministries endorsing David’s “urgent message” without any qualifiers.

    In Jesus by His grace,

    Norm Rasmussen
    Director, Precious Testimonies

    Storing up survival supplies has always been wise for ALL peoples, as they are able. An earthquake can hit anywhere, for example, or a terrorist attack on the food supply chain can hinder one’s ability to purchase food at retail outlets.

  7. ellen elizabeth

    Thank you all for sharing…I do believe this is a fair warning from an anointed man of God….but even as Pastor Dave would say, “don’t just listen to me, but bring your questions to the Lord.” It is up to each individual to consider and pray for themselves and I wish you well in the search.
    Please consider the warning as a call to prepare…hearts, spirits, and in the practical.
    Please consider this record of events from the mainstream press tracking many of the visions from “The Vision and Beyond” which have come to pass…

  8. John Paul Jackson has said basically the same thing in his “perfect storm” prophecy. He targets what he calls “The Woes of 2012” at http://www.prayct.org/2009/01/07/john-paul-jacksons-perfect-storm-prophecy/ . He lays it out in detail. Very interesting. It’s very close to Wilkerson’s prophecy.

  9. U would do well to heed any warning!!!

  10. I came across your blog doing a bit of reading at lunch… I received David Wilkerson’s warning that Saturday morning as did most others. What struck me so about the warning was that on the Thursday before (two days prior) I had been compelled to blog what I received from God on the subject too. Right here is where you can check out and chalk me up as an eschalomaniac… 🙂 I’m no prophet, though. I don’t study or follow so-called prophetic guys like Perry Stone, Hal Lindsay, et. al. I know of them being raised in church and have inherited several prophecy books but that sort of thing was never my “cup of tea.” However, two to three years ago God began speaking to me about coming calamity, collapse and the fall of America through the Exodus chapter 3. That was just the beginning. Later I received a dream of a decimated city and then other such things all stemming from Bible texts. I’m just a youth pastor and never signed up for this type of thing. I have to do a lot of pride swallowing to post these types of messages and my family thinks I am a bit nuts, but the love me. I’m 31, so they chalk all this up to me young and zealous for God or something. Check out my blog sometime if you like, mostly the archives, but there is a post under June where God gave me another such message stating that all that He has said He will do. I absolutely would love to be wrong, young and dumb. I guess only time will tell.

    Prayerfully asking God for guidance-


  11. Thanks Jeremy for your comments. Many folks that I respect have had similar experiences lately. The problem for interpretation is always context and timing. There is a context and a time in which the message that David is giving will be correct and probably your dream of a decimated city.

    The question is– is that time now, is it soon, or is there still day and this is a warning of things to come if we don’t respond?
    I happen to believe that we had better respond–particularly the American Church.


  13. At least there is much food for thought!!!. First I heard John Paul Jackson’s prophecy about the woes of 2012 on Sid Roth, followed by David Wilkerson’s similar prophecy. I am not sure who first received the prophecy. In addition, there is also the movie: 2012, which is based on the premise that 2012 marks the end of the sun’s 11-year activity, and marks the end of civilization, as we know it, with disastrous events.

  14. I read inj revelation about the three woes or three vials etc. I dont remember them being described as to what they were it just mentions woe to those who dwell on the earth,etc.

  15. Wake up America! If we believe the bible is the infallible word of God then we need to be reluctant about legalizing certain practices. Some things we allow as a nation are an outright abomination.

  16. Throught the bible, when the prophets spoke, most of the time it was not good news. Now is the time to make Jesus Lord of your life!

  17. You would have to understand David Wilkerson’s background. He was told by God about 9/11 and his congregation was on their faces in advance of the attack. Yet I find he focuses on judgement too much in his teachings/words from God etc. He is a man of God no doubt but this may not be what will happen.

    Perhaps he is seeing a comet storm in 2012 which I could totally see but I believe this will not be an end to the country anytime soon.

    Again you need someone who is very familiar with David to give a great opinion.
    PS To all those who give prophetic words: How long are we going to take the witness of one person and not have two or three judge in the assembly? You can be the godliest man on earth but if you prophecy alone it is null and void and in error. This is not the OT but The Church/NT— with help and support from prophets to bring about a word from God! Thank You!

  18. Also Jona preached the judgment…..
    he was even angry when it didn’t happen…
    Rejoice over His mercy He who witholds his final judgment and restoration of all things…so that more will receive salvation….

    It will come, every day it lasts longer is a day of grace…

  19. David Wilkerson is correct.
    In His mercy God is correcting His church and calling sinners to repent before it is too late. The purpose for the current world conditions is to prepare His bride (the church). Her faith will be tested by fire and she will emerge radiant and triumphant.

    Millions of people will flock to the churches. A spiritual tsunami will follow the natural tsunami. This is the greatest opportunity the church has ever had.

    The winds of adversity that would so easily destroy others will fill your huge wings and send you soaring into the heavens. Turn your faces into the wind; you were born for such a time as this.

    The coming calamity will cut across the plans of those who seek to destroy the church through the introduction of legislation that gives rights to others but removes any rights from Christians and the church.

    God has everything under control. You accept times of blessing and refreshing from the hand of God. Receive also the tests and trials of your faith.

    God is clearly saying to his church “Put down your idols” and repent. Return to me says The Lord. The safest place is under the shadow of my wings. I love you.

    You worship me with your mouths but your hearts are far from me. You cannot serve two masters: God and money. Your hearts are divided.

    The prophecies about the earthquakes in end times will be fulfilled. Come into the ark of God’s presence through Jesus. You will witness great miracles during this time of turmoil. “I am with you always”
    “Love one another”. Jesus.

  20. 2 Tim 3:15 that perlious times will come this is true .but people will not flock to the church vs. 13 states but evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse . 2 thes. 2:3 for the day of the Lord shall not come unless the falling away comes first.. A profit of God is not just a good person but this profit is 100% accurate , if they are from God so do we believe God or man

  21. Oh wow, I just came across this post and we are now in December 2012, and I know myself to have the gift of weeping in the spirit and I tell you about 2 weeks ago I wept uncontrollably for almost 2 days because I saw massive death, destruction, and chaos all around and I’m not sure if I was flying over it all or I was really in it….but I have been seeking to understand and everyone keeps telling me it’s the spirit of fear and it’s demonic but my weeping came from the Holy Spirit crying on behalf of a nation ….it’s horrific….I’m glad I’m not alone…..thanks for sharing…

  22. I’m not definite what you people are talking nearby, but it is fascinating!

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