It is Time to Remember Israel in Prayer

Jerusalem Old City from Mount of Olives.

(Jerusalem via Wikipedia)

For 61 years there have been 57 countries against 1 in the Middle East. For 61 years the USA has supported Israel through good times and bad, war and peace. Like everything else that is happening in the world both economically and politically everything is in flux right now—all the cards have been thrown up in the air and where they land only God knows for sure. Some are talking about an end-time scenario though I personally believe it is somewhat premature but maybe not.

From everything that I’ve read on the subject, the Obama administration is said to be far more supportive of the 57 Muslims countries than of the 1 Jewish state. The President has solicited the help of the Europeans, particularly the British, to negotiate a new 2 state solution for Palestine and Israel. Problem is, the Europeans are also far more supportive of the Muslims and look upon Israel as “the greatest threat to world peace”.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is visiting Washington next week and the word is that there will be considerable arm twisting in order to bring the Israelis around to accept a solution that the 57 Muslims countries will support.

The sticking point is Jerusalem and the Palestinian ‘right to return’.

In the secular eyes of the world, it makes total sense to force Israel to accept a solution. However, those who take the Bible serious will have a different view.

Up in the air for the first time is whether the USA will continue to support Israel regardless. It is doubtful that any Israeli administration would give up Jerusalem and a ‘right to return’ would put millions of Palestinians in the midst of Israeli territory—tantamount to the end for a Jewish state called Israel.

It really is time to pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem–for Prime Minister Netanyahu, for President Obama, and for all the blessings and promises of God concerning Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish people to be fulfilled. Amen

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