It has Started: Connecticut vs. Roman Catholic Church

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The battle between the State of Connecticut and the Roman Catholic Church started in March with the surprise introduction of a bill in the state Senate that would have reorganized the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church in the state. This bill was sponsored by advocates of same-sex marriage.

Then after the church headed up a successful campaign against the bill, the State of Connecticut ruled that the church was in violation of state lobbyist laws and was subject to a $10,000 fine and criminal charges since the Diocese of Bridgeport had not registered as an official political lobby.

Now the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport has filed a federal lawsuit last week in U.S. District Court contending that the actions of the State in requiring them to register as a lobby organization are in direct violation of the church’s constitutional rights.

Response: It has started and this is just the beginning. If the State of Connecticut gets away with regulating the involvement of the Catholic church in political issues than there is nothing to stop that state and others from coming after the rest of us and muzzling all Christians, particularly when in comes to issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

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  1. Have registered my domain, waiting for site to change to I am still building it but it is up and running. For now e-mail is it will change also. God took my ministry about 6 years ago, but has seen fit to give it back. Praise God. I have taken the liberty of posting one of your old articles on my site and with your permission would like to post more as time goes by. I had a sidewalk ministry and will have it again. God has been opening doors for me, Amen. I am a former Fundamental Independent Baptist, but have become a non-denominational KJV 1611 Bible believing Christian. The problem is not Scripture, God’s word is God’s word. It is Church clicks, and snobbery. God bless you my brother, pray for me…….brother D.

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