Some Words from the Haggard’s


(Ted Haggard by feastoffun via Flickr)

Here’s an interview that J. Lee Grady did with Ted and Gayle Haggard: Words of Repentance From Ted Haggard

Response: This was a devastating episode for many Christians, particularly for their church in Colorado. I have always been unhappy with the way that many in the church ‘shoot our wounded’, but also with how little consistency there seems to be in the American church when it comes to Biblical procedures of discipline and restoration to ministry.

I will admit that I have been extremely unhappy with how Ted Haggard and Gayle have handled their ‘exile’. Their choice of forums for airing their situation and grievances have been down right unscriptural. The appearances on ‘Oprah’, dozens of TV news shows, and particularly the HBO documentary The Trials of Ted Haggard have not been very helpful from my perspective. In fact, I believe that they have been used by the enemy to embarrass and belittle the church.

Nevertheless, our Lord offers repentance and grace for all who have fallen short, if repentance it is indeed. What do you think?  

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2 Responses to Some Words from the Haggard’s

  1. I don’t blame you for your misgivings at all. What has been occuring has not been pretty, but I think it goes back to the error in the disciplining process at its start.

    Some will see his actions as evidence of nothing other than a desire to get back into the highly compensated limelight of celebrity ministry. Perhaps so, but what if the man is striped by God with a particular call or gift that just needs expressing? Paul said, “woe is me if I don’t preach the gospel.”

    A public rebuke combined with personal repentance and contuinuation of ministry while a brother was mended by other brethren was what was called for scripturally (1 Tim 5:20; Gal 6:1). If he was unwilling to accept that rebuke and repent, he could have been excommunicated and we would all know clearly where things stood. That’s not what happened, and the detritus of a failed approach continues to be strewn across the path of the church.

  2. He showed his lack of repentance when he decided not to follow the guideline that he set up himself. He decided he didn’t need to listen to or follow the instructions of the restoration team.
    Now his wife has a book deal and her book left out her own drug use and details about porn and “Ted 2.”

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