-Muslims Coming to Christ Through Dreams, Visions, and Miracles


We have talked about the hidden revival among Muslims before.

Although on the front pages of the world media, radical Muslims seem to dominate the news with terrorist acts and promises to take over Europe and eventually put America under the yoke of sharia law, here is the latest report from Charisma magazine about the ‘tsunami of faith’ miraculously bringing thousands of Muslims to Christ:

“…a tsunami of faith is quietly overtaking the Muslim world. Islamic adherents are laying aside their allegiance to Muhammad to follow Jesus Christ, despite the social ostracism, persecution and possible martyrdom that converts to Christianity face. Propelled by dreams, visions and miracles, this wave of revival is bringing vast numbers of Muslims—some say millions—into God’s kingdom.”

The article ends with this plea for Christians to pray with their Muslim brothers:

Prayer is vital. However, three converts in Egypt told Janssen that Christians in America should pray "with" them, not "for" them.

"If you pray for us, you will pray for our safety, and the persecution will stop," they told him. "If you pray with us, we can be sure the persecution will increase. Pray we will see millions [come] to Christ. We know there will be backlash. Pray we will be faithful, even if it costs us our lives."

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4 Responses to -Muslims Coming to Christ Through Dreams, Visions, and Miracles

  1. angeline george

    praise the lord jesus! nothing is impossible i his name, not the iron curtain, bamboo curtain, war or terrorism. nothing! nothing! nothing! is impossible to him whom even the seas obey. oh what a might god we have in jesus. praise his name forever!

  2. I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail Hallelujah

  3. I have prayed for the lost of the world for many years. But several years ago I started sensing the LORD telling me to pray for Muslims in particular to begin experiencing dreams and visions which would lead them to Christ instantly. I did not understand this because at that time hearing of a Muslim convert was extremely rare, and at the time my hatred for Muslims was quite intense. I did not really know if I wanted them to experience salvation through the LORD CHRIST and receive HIS mercy. I’m sure the LORD told many others to pray this prayer, as well. To now see the LORD answer this prayer of his saints by bringing about a huge wave of salvation to the Muslim world, is indeed, nothing short of a miracle.

  4. Thanks Robert,
    The Lord also told me to pray for Muslims in 2001 and to expect millions to convert miraculously. It is still a surprise and amazing to me to see the sovereign work that God is doing in their midst and mostly a hidden secret work like He did with the Chinese.

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