-R. Loren Sandford: “The Cloud of Glory Has Moved”

image Here’s a good Bible study but also a right on prophetic message from  R. Loren Sandford:

The Cloud of Glory Has Moved

Here’s how it ends up:

We have entered into a strategic time when we must move beyond the focus on personal healing and restoration—which has been the emphasis for most of my life—to a focus on the kingdom of God. The cloud of glory has moved into the age of the kingdom of God, an age in which we must cross boundaries and minister the power of the kingdom of God to a world that doesn’t know Him. If you don’t pack up everything and move with it, you will stink up your house and die.

Destiny is at our doorstep.

Response: Amen. This is exactly what the Lord has been talking to me about lately-Thy Kingdom come on Earth and Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom. There is a major shift going on and we better not miss it!            *Top

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