-Is the Prosperity Gospel Hindering Revival?

Is the ‘prosperity gospel’ hindering revival? Pastor Michael Catt, senior pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, Ga. believes so.

Pastor Catt makes several observations about revival in his new book:  “The Power of Surrender: Breaking Through to Revival”


Here’s what he has to say about Revival and the Prosperity Gospel:

“Sometimes the prosperity gospel and the feel-good gospel tell people what they want to hear, But] when you lay that by the side of Jesus’ teaching [to] take up the cross – the only reason for the cross in the first century is to die – and to die daily, to crucify your flesh then you have to think how does this fit?”

“I can’t go to a guy that only has a towel around his waist and lives in a dung hut and tell him the good news you’ll get a Mercedes and you’ll go from dung to stucco because it probably won’t happen. But the power of the life changing Gospel can happen.”

The actual focus of the book is on sacrifice and revival and eliminating everything in the church that stands in the way of a new revival coming to America:

“If we’re hungry and thirsty after God, if there is a desire for more, if there is a holy dissatisfaction with the way things are, believing that surely God died for more than what we are seeing in our typical church today…”

In the book pastor Catt talks about how God is moving in his own congregation doing a sovereign work bringing many closer to God:

“We are now seeing people walk through the baptismal waters. People are being saved. Members are inviting their lost friends and unchurched neighbors. Attendance shot up. Why? Revival produces evangelism.”

Sherwood Baptist is famous for producing such movies as “Facing the Giants” and “Fireproof.”

Response: Is the Prosperity Gospel standing in the way of revival coming to America? What do you think? Actually I believe that any true revival will actually overcome any and all of our popular feel-good teachings that fall short of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

I believe that the so-called ‘Prosperity Gospel’ along with every other special teaching will go through the crucible of revival fire and come out the other side with only the truth remaining. The dross and impurities will be cast aside just like every other by-product of the church in the last 2,000 years that doesn’t square with the true teachings and work of Jesus Christ.               *Top

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2 Responses to -Is the Prosperity Gospel Hindering Revival?

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  2. If you don’t hear this trumpet, then its NOT for you! It’s as simple as that really. Obviously, the message has been distorted (a little), because this is Satan’s job, and I feel this sarcastic approach is just adding to it. The so-called ‘prosperity’ message has been honed in on, by a few irresponsible people, who haven’t been told to preach it by God, and have perceived this important prophetic message, as a formula or means of gain for themselves and those they preach it to. I agree some people see it as ‘fashionable’ and have made a whole new law of it. But the remnant (who this message is for), who have a real mandate on their lives to get the end time wealth transfer, will know who they are, because God himself has raised them for this. There are billions of souls that need saving & ministering to, and I have to enlighten you- that’s gonna take a lot of MONEY! That is what the prosperity is for. Not only for a witness to the world of Jehovah Jireh and his goodness, but for a tangible service that the four corners of the world have to hear, see and experience. We know we don’t have to PAY for salvation, but part of the work of God involves a lot of money. Maybe that’s why some have jumped on the band wagon thinking they can cash in on it. It will not last very long if they are cheating the ‘house of God’, as God can only put this stewardship into the hands of those he can trust and has raised for this assignment. YES! Money has an assignment! Sometimes we can get frustrated and over exhausted with all the different sermons that are available to us today. That is why it is vitally important to hear from God for yourself and have an intimate relationship with him. I wouldn’t worry about what other people are doing, because God tells us in his word, that there would be many false Prophets ( amongst many other plots of the enemy), spiritual perversion/false doctrine/error etc..& wolves in the last days. Our job is to pray and have discernment about these things, so that we can AVOID heresy and put every thought and imagination against Christ- DOWN (or under subjection). Preachers are HUMAN and so are we. So lets look to the author and finisher of our faith in these perilous times, and offer up prayer when he tells us to. We tend to think that if ‘we’ are not doing what ‘they’ are doing, that we are innocent. But the harsh reality is that the sons of disobedience are those who do not obey God- Period! So have a think about what our real motives are as to why this prosperity gospel is upsetting. Could it be there are members waring in our own flesh? Could it be that we don’t seem to be getting ahead in our own finances? The truth is, people who have gotten rich/wealthy God’s way (with no sorrow), are pure- hearted, because they have gone through the processes for that. Like I said in the beginning… only the remnant will understand. PEACE x

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