-Are We Really in the End Times?

The Night of the Blood-Red Moon.
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Earthquakes, Wars, natural catastrophes, signs in the heavens above, rumors of war, the whole earth in confusion, leaders calling for a ‘new world’ order, and everyone seems to be against Israel.

Could we really be in the ‘end times’? I hear this question being posed over and over again by Christian friends lately.

When I was younger I was totally convinced that we were in the ‘end times’ and that Jesus would be coming back very soon. I can remember being especially excited over those prospects after reading Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth in 1973. I was convinced at the time and still am that the reestablishment of the Jewish nation of Israel in 1948 was a major end time sign.

Over the next 15 years I read everything that came off the presses having to do with the End Times and Eschatology. PreMil, PostMil, AMil, PreTrib, PostTrib, MidTrib, and PreWrath—I studied it all with as open a mind as I could without letting my brains fall out. In the process I came away with the realization that I could find something missing and sometimes something down right wrong in every book and every eschatological tradition.

If I was forced to pick I would probably lean toward a PreMil-PreWrath approach but most of the time I like to say that I am PanMil and PanTrib—I am going to wait and see how it all ‘pans out’.

Fact is at the end of time when we look back at the final events, every single scripture and prophecy will be completely fulfilled and it won’t be necessary to stretch a thing when it comes to hermeneutics or Bible interpretation.

The only thing that I have studied more than eschatology is hermeneutics and that is why I am super sensitive to the ways many ‘prophecy’ writers run ruff shod over even basic rules of Biblical interpretation.

I have come to believe (and I have stated it before) that when it comes to the end times every single book printed regardless of the tradition has one thing in common—they are all wrong somewhere and lack something. Not only that—if I wrote a book on this subject I would be wrong also on some point or another.

This doesn’t mean that reading books on this subject is a waste of time. Many are valuable and it is important to become conversant with the basic issues and gain an understanding of the possible end time signs. However, I have come to believe that Lord has made it all somewhat cloudy in the scriptures on purpose except for the basic events. The timing and sequence is where there is the greatest disparity between the different traditional schemas.

I have come to believe that the last will be like the first. The last generation will be caught by surprise and be somewhat unprepared for the way the final events happen just like folks were not ready in the first century for a Messiah that came as a poor baby in a stable and went on to become a sacrificing servant cursed and killed on a Roman cross.

Not one ‘prophecy’ teacher in the first century was looking for that sequence of events and a ‘suffering servant’ Messiah. Also I believe that not one prophecy teacher in the end generation will have it completely nailed down either. I do believe however that the reestablishment of ‘prophetical ministry’ in the church will be helpful in preparing many for the events to come.

So, are we really in the end of the ‘end times’? I don’t know, maybe. It sure seems to be stacking up that way!

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8 Responses to -Are We Really in the End Times?

  1. Dr. D,
    Don’t you know that the end times began a 7:34 AM GST on November 3, 1952?

    No, not really, JK. The end times began when Jesus ascended to his throne. We just haven’t realized how long they could go on. 😉

  2. “The end times began when Jesus ascended to his throne”–right on slw! that’s why the last line reads:
    “So, are we really in the end of the ‘end times’?

  3. I read “Late Great Planet Earth” in 1973 also. I believed what he said about 1948. I believed him when he said that it was a major end time sign.

    The problem was later I tried to find it in the bible somewhere. It’s no where to be found.

    Why do you still believe today that its a major end time sign?

  4. Jack,
    Because there are a number of prophesies concerning Israel that have not been entirely fulfilled as yet. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the present Israel is the context in which they will be fulfilled but it does seem to be a good possibility.

    Plus God does seem to be on the side of the present Israeli’s if you ever read about the wars against them since 1948. There was literally one miracle after another (particularly in 1948 when they stood alone against superior and better equipped forces) that allowed the Jewish nation to survive against the huge Arab forces allied against them. Therefore he would seem to have some purpose for that nation.

  5. I believe we are in the last days. I also believe everything revolves around Israel. In Matthew 24:34 Jesua says “This generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”. Israel became a nation in 1948. A generation is 70 years I believe. This is year 62 since 1948. Jesus also says in Matthew 24:22 “but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened”. And a year is 360 days to the lord. I truely believe we are in the last days of the last generation. Thanks God Bless

  6. Hal Lindsey’s Pretrib Rapture “Proof”

    Is Hal Lindsey’s proof for a pretrib rapture “100 proof” – that is, 100 percent Biblical?
    In “The Late Great Planet Earth” (p. 143) Lindsey gives his “chief reason” for pretrib: “If the Rapture took place at the same time as the second coming, there would be no mortals left who would be believers” – that is, no believers still alive who could enter the millennium and repopulate the earth.
    We don’t know if Lindsey’s amnesia is voluntary or involuntary, or if he needs amnesia rehab, but earlier (p. 54), while focusing on chapters 12 through 14 of Zechariah, Lindsey sees “a remnant of Jews in Jerusalem” who are mortals who will become believing mortals at the second coming and then become repopulating mortals!
    During the same discussion of Zech. 12-14 Lindsey overlooks some of the final verses in Zech. 14. They reveal that some of the tribulation survivors “of all the nations which came against Jerusalem” will refuse to go there “to worship the King, the Lord of hosts.” Here’s what will happen to those “heathen” rebels: “upon them shall be no rain.”
    So the facts about the repopulating mortals, in unbelieving as well as believing ranks, cancel out Lindsey’s “chief reason” for opposing a joint rapture/second coming – the ONLY rapture view to be found in official theology books and organized churches prior to 1830!
    (See historian Dave MacPherson’s “The Rapture Plot,” the most accurate and most highly endorsed book on pretrib rapture history – available at online stores like Armageddon Books etc. Also Google “Scholars Weigh My Research” and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty.”)
    Although Hal Lindsey claims that his “Late Great” didn’t set a date for Christ’s return, many of his followers – including copycats Bill Maupin (“1981”) and Edgar Whisenant (“1988”) – did view Lindsey as a date-setter, and his later book “The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon” (the sort of title that date-setters and their ga-ga groupies love) became another fizzle – unless we’re still living in the 1980s!
    In Old Testament days false prophets were stoned to death. Now they’re just stoned!

    (above discovered on the net! Faith)

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  8. You have two problems Faith. Hal Lindsey and Dave Mc Pherson. When rightly divided the Bible does teach a pre- Daniels 70th week rapture of the Church.

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