-Watch Woman Get Healed and Walk for First Time in 22 Years

This YouTube video was shot during a revival service on Friday August 27 at the Mobile Convention Center. It is 13 minutes long showing a progressive healing. It begins with Delia Knox in a wheelchair as she has been for 22 years since she was paralyzed in a car accident on Christmas Day 1987.

After several minutes of prayer she begins to get some feeling in her legs then after more prayer stands up with some assistance and walks haltingly around. Incredible!

The second video is 2 minutes long showing her at the Revival service one week later on September 3 and now she is able to walk some without assistance:

Delia Knox is a music minister and popular singer who pastors Living World Christian Center in Mobile, Ala. along with her husband, Bishop Levy Knox.

The revival service was led by former Brownsville Revival leader John Kilpatrick who remarked that the services in Mobile, called the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival, looked like they had the making "of another powerful revival":

"We have miracles taking place, we have souls being saved, the glory of God has moved back in like it did on Father’s Day 1995.

“Already things are happening quicker than they did even at Brownsville," he said in late July. "The word’s spread. I think it has the potential to be a really powerful revival."

According to a Charisma article before the Knox healing the Mobile, Alabama revival had already seen numerous signs, wonders, and miracles including healing of the blind and the deaf, and even some folks who watched the services online.            *Top

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5 Responses to -Watch Woman Get Healed and Walk for First Time in 22 Years

  1. Hi all,

    I have written quite a bit about this – http://royshaff.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/are-questionable-or-progressive-miracle-healings-real/
    The “jury is still out” for me. I see Delia walking with help and being followed by a person with her wheelchair. Delia still is not walking unaided. God may be healing her. I am going to wait and see. I have not seen medical documentation credibly establishing Delia’s level of mobility before these “miracles.” If Delia continues to improve and dumps the wheelchair altogether, I may believe this is God at work. I want to see some medical documentation. If Delia was unable to move or feel anything for over 20 years, there will be ample medical documentation. The real test for any miracle is its unquestionability. This is still very questionable. I pray that Delia will be running in circles praying for people in a few days. I want to see her, and so many others, well and testifying! Time will tell.

    God bless you all,

    Rev. Roy Shaff

  2. Thanks Rev. Roy,

    Many are taking a healthy wait and see approach to this event. We will be following up as much as we can. I didn’t put this up till I saw the second video of her a week later walking better and somewhat unaided.

  3. Delia Knox
    I am a recovering Quad. my self started walking unassisted Oct.09 I am presently at seminary working on my head as i did my body!I put 6to10hrs.in gym.and G_D did the rest.ETERNITY IS TO LONG TO BE WRONG HE SHALL RETURN AGAIN THEN THE JUDGEMENT*

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  5. Here is a follow up to this story– Now you can watch pastor Knox walking freely back and forth across the stage while singing and celebrating.

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