-Iran Cracking Down on the Christian Revival


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Since Christmas, Iranian authorities have arrested at least 70 Christian leaders including at least 2 pastors who are all facing a possible indictment for apostasy which carries a death sentence.

Converts from Islam are being targeted in particular. Iranian religious authorities are getting concerned about the numbers of Muslims leaving Islam secretly to become Christians.

Response: In spite of all the persecution by the Iranian hard-line Islamist regime the number of Christians continues to grow exponentially. We have blogged about what is currently happening in Iran before. An actual revival is secretly taking place there with nearly half a million Muslims converting Christianity just in the last 5 years or so. Most have come to Jesus through dreams, visions, healings, and visitations by angels and Jesus. 

This is why the regime is probably responding with arrests and persecution hoping to slow down the growth of the underground Christian movement in the country. According to official records there are suppose to be around 450,000-500,000 Christians in Iran. However, with the current revival there are far more than anyone really knows or can even determine.

It is a good time to remember all of our Iranian Christian brothers and sisters in our prayers. I am praying that Christian revival and growth continues in that country unabated in spite of all of the persecution.            *Top 

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2 Responses to -Iran Cracking Down on the Christian Revival

  1. A. S. Mathew

    Thousands of people, both young and old from various religions are following Jesus
    Christ as their living God every day. Only Jesus can
    change lives, give peace and joy in life without spending a dollar. The world-wide economic meltdown is the beginning of a world-wide revival and millions are going to
    walk towards the foot of the cross.
    Great revival is taking place in China-India and Brazil. On the other hand, thousands of people are coming to Christ in the Arab
    countries too very secretly. We need to pray very earnestly for these countries where the revival is spreading like a wildfire. Praise the Lord.

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