-The ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Revival

The Lord's Prayer in a Cemetery in Henderson, ...

        (Image by Lori Rivera via Flickr)

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. –Matt. 6:10

We pray the Lord’s prayer all of the time in America but seldom realize the real significance and power of some of the words we repeat. When we talk about the Kingdom here we are really referring to the rule of God -Let the Father rule on this earth like he does in Heaven.

That is what the revival is all about –the rule of God the father over all of our life. Not just a few hours of worship on Sunday or a few minutes of devotion in the morning but 24/7 everywhere we go. The taking of the rule of God our Father into the marketplace, our jobs, our schools, our families –every where we go and we live our lives.

God has been compartmentalized for far too long in America –there are far too many places that we do not allow God to go with us. He is there of course but we block him out and live a secular existence apart from Him.  Because we block him out and do not really honor him in certain parts of our lives the miracles and healing that we would and could experience are not fully available to us.

We remember to pray for His help but when he does come through we are surprised and consider it to be ‘supernatural’ exceptions. Revival is when the exceptions become normal and the blessings and the miracles of the Kingdom begin to flood into all of our life, even those parts where we have ignored Him in the past.

Remember, there is no sickness, distress, nor hunger of any type in the Kingdom of God. What if the Kingdom invaded our work, what would it look like? Our schools, what would happen? Our families and neighborhoods, how would they be changed.

What if we went to the mall and the Holy Spirit came in power and touched folks walking around and healed a bunch. Many would probably wonder what was happening but you would be there like Peter was on the Day of Pentecost to tell the crowd what it is all about.

That is revival—the present and coming ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ revival. It has begun as a secret hidden move of God that will continue to be ignored by the overwhelmingly secular media in this country but the time will come when it will no longer be a secret then the real cultural battle for America will begin.          *Top 

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