-Best of Charismatica in 2011


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Top Posts Written in 2011

Here’s our top ten list of posts written in 2011 based upon the number of views and comments:

1.  -Iran Cracking Down on the Christian Revival

2.  -What is Really Behind the Chaos in the Middle East

3.  -25,000+ Young People Attend ‘Onething’ IHOP Conference

4.  -71,000 Christians Attend Prayer Event in Cairo, Egypt

5.  -Japan: A New Opportunity to Spread the Gospel and Bring Revival?

6.  -Church Today Not What God Intended?

7.  -Baptist Revival: Candies Creek Move

8.  -The Hospital Healing Prayer Initiative

9.  -Double Dip Recession, Depression, and Israel?

10.  -What is it About the Marketplace?


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