-Revival Continues to Explode in Iran

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Iran is in the news as a country developing nuclear weapons and preparing for war against Israel and ultimately the USA. However, regular folks in the country do not necessarily support their leaders particularly when it comes to Christianity.

A full blown revival is going on in the country and government officials are trying everything they can to stop it. Authorities continue to arrest pastors and persecute Christians to no avail. Recently the government issued a decree forbidding churches from meeting on Fridays. Friday is the traditional ‘day off’ and the time to worship in the Iranian culture and most of the Middle East for that matter. This decree is only going to affect the ‘official’ churches however since most Iranian Christians meet in illegal house churches in secret.

<Here’s the latest report in Charisma from Open Doors on what’s going on there>

The Iranian revival continues to expand through dreams, visions, and healing. Some put numbers now at 500,000. This article estimates 370,000 have converted to Christianity through the recent revival. There is no way to get an accurate account since it is all underground.

Please continue to pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ that are now under a great deal of persecution from there radical Islamic government. Also, at some point in the near future it does seem likely that Israel will attack the nuclear facilities in the country.

What follows is anyone’s guess. The Ayatollah claims that ‘12th Imam’ Mahdi is already appearing to him and demanding that Israel and the Jews be destroyed.             *Top

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2 Responses to -Revival Continues to Explode in Iran

  1. A. S. Mathew

    God did choose King Cyrus of Iran to liberate the people of Israel from the Babylonian slavery and 40000 people left Babylon to establish their kingdom in Palestine. God is going to show a special favor to Iran, and she will be blessed as a special nation to bring greater spiritual awakening in the middle eastern regions. The neighbouring wealthy oil producing nations are going to be evangelized by the evangelists from Iran. The Christian believers around the world must pray very earnestly for the inferno of revival to start from Iran. The same JESUS born of virgin birth, as clearly written in QURAN- holy book of the Muslims brothers, they will meet that JESUS face to face in the coming days.

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